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的 Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics 法案,20u.S.C. §1092(f)(克莱法)是一项联邦法律,要求所有大学 and universities that receive federal funding to disclose information about crimes 发生在校园内外. 此外,克莱利法案要求大学 和大学一起出版 年度保安报告(ASR) informing 的ir communities of campus safety policies and procedures, crime prevention 努力,和校园犯罪统计. 有校内活动的学院和大学 学生宿舍也需要公布一份 消防安全年报(AFSR) informing 的ir communities of fire safety policies and procedures and fire 统计数据.


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bet9备用登录地址准备并出版 保安及消防安全年报(ASFSR) 每年10月1日之前,以遵守克莱利法案. 包括在 ASFSR 校园犯罪、逮捕和转介统计数据(i.e.、校园罪案统计) 为 previous three (3) 历年s, which include incidents reported to 的 bet9备用登录地址警察局, designated campus security authorities (CSAs), and 当地执法机构.


点击 在这里 浏览bet9备用登录地址的网页 ASFSRs.


A campus security authority (CSA) is a 科林大学 employee who has significant 负责学生和校园活动. bet9备用登录地址的学生和员工 are encouraged to report crimes to a CSA 为 purpose of making emergency notifications and timely warning reports as well as inclusion in 的 annual disclosure of crime 统计数据.




1. 所有bet9备用登录地址警察局的警官,警长,中尉,还有 警察局长;
2. 负责学生事务的院长,负责第九条合规的副院长,负责 学生及学生操守官员;
3. 的 chief student success officer, vice president of student and enrollment services, deans of student and enrollment services, and associate deans of student and enrollment 服务;
4. 所有校园副校长/教务长;
5. 所有学术/人力bet9娱乐备用地址主任、副主任和项目主任;
6. 所有晚上和周末的管理员;
7. 学生宿舍运营主管和所有宿舍生活工作人员;
8. 所有体育主管和副体育主管;
9. 所有体育教练、助理教练、志愿者教练和训练师;
10. All student organization advisors; and
11. 任何其他对学生和校园负有重大责任的员工 活动(e.g.、学生旅游责任方).


CSAs are not obligated to investigate allegations of Clery行为 crimes that are reported to 的m, but 的y are required by law to report such crimes to 的 科林大学 警察局. 当一个克莱里法犯罪被报告给CSA时,CSA必须完成 的 校园安全局(CSA)犯罪报告表格 在线.


辅导:点击 在这里校园安全局(CSA)犯罪报告表格.


Campus “pastoral 辅导员” and “professional 辅导员,” when acting as such, are not considered to be a CSA, and are not required to report crimes for inclusion in 每年公布校园犯罪统计数据. 然而,如果 and when 的y deem it appropriate, to inform persons being counseled of 的 procedures to report crimes on a voluntary, confidential basis for inclusion in 的 annual disclosure 校园犯罪统计数据. bet9备用登录地址目前不雇用任何牧师 辅导员. bet9备用登录地址的持牌专业辅导员被告知 procedures to report crimes during various training sessions throughout each academic 历年.


1989年《bet9娱乐备用地址》 requires institutions of higher education to establish programs that address unlawful possession, use, or distribution of alcohol and illicit drugs, and foster safe and 促进学习成绩的无毒学习环境.


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在任何柯林学院校园内报告犯罪或紧急情况,请拨分机 5555 从任何bet9备用登录地址的电话或拨号台 972.578.5555 从学院系统以外的任何电话(e.g.(个人手机).


在医疗紧急情况下拨打 911,然后拨分机 5555 or 972.578.5555.


bet9备用登录地址警察局 officers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a 一年接电话. 如果需要其他警察局的协助,科林 大学警察局的官员将联系相应的机构.


科林大学 is required to collect and disclose 统计数据 regarding 的 occurrence of Clery行为 crimes that are 向bet9备用登录地址警察局报案, campus 安全当局(csa)和当地执法机构. 此外,科林 College has a responsibility to notify 的 campus community about any crimes which 构成持续的威胁. 因此,及时处理所有犯罪是极其重要的 向bet9备用登录地址警察局报案.


点击 在这里 for definitions of Clery行为 Crimes and Offenses, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) 犯罪和仇恨犯罪.


In compliance with 的 Clery行为, 科林大学 is committed to ensuring its community receives timely, accurate, and useful information in 的 event of a significant emergency or dangerous situation occurring on campus or in 的 local area that poses an immediate threat to 的 health and safety of 科林大学 students, faculty, and/or staff. 科林大学 will immediately notify 的 campus community upon confirmation of a 重大的紧急情况或危险的情况,直接威胁到 校园内发生的学生、教师和/或工作人员的健康或安全. 一个“立即 threat” includes an imminent or impending threat, significant emergency, or dangerous 情况(e.g.、接近龙卷风或其他极端天气情况、武装闯入者、 bomb threat, chemical or hazardous waste spill, explosion, fire, gas leak, outbreak 严重的疾病). 紧急通知的目的是提供信息 that may enable members of 的 科林大学 community to prepare 为 emergency (如果可能的话)保护自己.


点击 在这里 查看bet9备用登录地址的动态 ASFSR 其中包含有关紧急通知的其他信息.


CougarAlert is 科林大学’s official emergency notification system, providing critical information to 的 entire 科林大学 community via text message, phone 消息和/或电子邮件.


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Anyone with information warranting an emergency notification should immediately report 把情况打电话给bet9备用登录地址警察局 972.578.5555 或亲自到bet9备用登录地址警察局的任何校园办公室.


点击 在这里 有关bet9备用登录地址警察局的更多信息.


In compliance with 的 Clery行为, in 的 event a Clery行为 crime occurs within Collin College’s Clery行为 geography that, in 的 judgment of 的 bet9备用登录地址警察局, constitutes a serious or continuing threat to members of 的 科林大学 community, 将及时发布预警通知. 及时预警通知的目的是 to notify 的 科林大学 community of 的 Clery行为 crime and provide information that may enable 科林大学 students, faculty, and staff to better protect 的mselves.


When issuing a timely warning notice, some specific information may be withheld if t在这里 is a possible risk of compromising law enforcement efforts to investigate and/or 破案. 此外,在发布及时警告通知时,bet9备用登录地址 will not include personally identifying information about victims, including, but 不限于,受害者的名字,这将是保密的.


Timely warning notices, including official updates to and discontinuance of timely 警告通知,将始终通过CougarAlert发送并张贴在Collin上 大学警务处 网页.


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Anyone with information warranting a timely warning notice should immediately report 把情况打电话给bet9备用登录地址警察局 972.578.5555 或亲自到bet9备用登录地址警察局的任何校园办公室.


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柯林学院的学生住在柯林学院学生宿舍 普莱诺的校园 at 5800 Jupiter Road, Plano, Texas, 75074, may register one (1) or more 失踪人员的联系方式. 如果学生住宿是确定的 to be missing by 的 bet9备用登录地址警察局 or a local law enforcement agency, 的 student resident’s missing person contact(s) will be notified by 科林大学 在确定后24小时内.


Student residents’ missing person contact information will be registered confidentially 只有经过授权的bet9备用登录地址官员才能使用. 另外,这个联系人 information will not be disclosed, except to law enforcement personnel who are authorized 在调查失踪人口时使用它.


Student residents who choose to register one (1) or more individuals to be a missing 个人联系人必须填写 失踪学生联系信息表.


学生住院医师:点击 在这里失踪学生联系信息表.